Cosmic Buddha

Painting the background and adding personal touches!


Best little Fluffins in the world wanted to help… Thanks Gilly!


Post hand printing                                                 CAM01317

Black and white india ink


CHEESE CLOTH! Who knew it would be so cool? Not me! I am now obsessed! CAM01319 CAM01320

Added some paper elements… some chinese tissue paper that I have been hoarding forever… easily 10 years!!                                                   CAM01321 CAM01322

I ended up removing the middle piece of cloth because I was having trouble with his nose. I look forward to further cheesecloth experimentation!!CAM01323

I wasn’t really happy with his solid face, so I decided to have fun with it.CAM01324



Post glazing… I might change some small elements, but not many. He is the largest painting I have ever done, and took me around 8 hours total. He is probably my favorite painting that I have done!!



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