Healing via Paint

11665655_10207299354907294_8179770684902720442_nOver the last several months, I have had a really difficult time. A family member had been living with us and as can be expected of such arrangements, it made life very challenging and it ended terribly. I am working toward recovery, but it’s been a long journey so far. What has resulted is the end of a formerly close relationship with said family member, and a lot of grieving. I poured some of this into the largest painting I have ever done. It isn’t finished yet, but here it is.

It felt good to do it. I haven’t done much painting since October 2014, which, as I think about it, was when the whole scenario began. Wow. Amazing how deeply impacted you are by the presence of toxic people.

I hope that once the dust settles a bit more, I will be better able to begin again on my goals in posting at least once a month with a project. And I should clarify that I haven’t been totally creatively dormant. I took up embroidery over the winter and in accordance with my wpid-20150404_002328_lls.jpgsomewhat caustic humor, I made some fun projects. I also started playing with clay a bit and made these three likenesses of my cats, (L to R) Henry, Gilly, and EZJ (Eliza Jane). Lots of fun. Imperfect, but who cares? Not me. I have not played much with clay. I took a pottery class around 10 years ago. Made some cool bowls, which my cats eat and drink from, but I am not a wizard by any means. Anyway, I really hope I can get back to it very soon. So do my furry ones. I think they think I am irritating, always taking pictures and stuff… but they are just so cute. ❤


PS – I should add also that I have begun a rather enormous undertaking… I am compiling my written works, drawings, etc. into a sort of zine… kind of akin to wringing out a sponge. More on this later.


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