Anyone who thinks that art requires no brain power clearly has none of their own.

I am aspiring toward something. I don’t quite know what it is yet. I do know that I need to do creative things to make it through my life, and I also know that if I am going to do them, I may as well do them well. I haven’t mastered that last part yet!

What I want…

To master the skill of painting, to develop my creative brain, to live a rich life both internally and externally, to be free of the humdrum existence that so many are contented to live, to live on fire with passion for whatever I do…

What I don’t want…

To experience any more of my life feeling worthless and unaccomplished. Also, shrimp. I don’t want any shrimp, thanks.

This is not really a self help blog. This is more of a “Look what I just did because I felt like trying it!!” blog mixed with moderate amounts of frustration, cats, and other stuff. Because I don’t currently have the luxury of schooling on the subject, I am just going to be exploring on my own, gathering from the sources available to me, and enjoying every step of the path!


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