Just got a set of decent WC and I’m playing around for the first time since college. I’m participating in 30 days of painting. I’m behind, so I’m doing a bunch of little paintings to catch up.


My EZJ (Eliza Jane)


Just so you can see how small they are!


Healing via Paint

11665655_10207299354907294_8179770684902720442_nOver the last several months, I have had a really difficult time. A family member had been living with us and as can be expected of such arrangements, it made life very challenging and it ended terribly. I am working toward recovery, but it’s been a long journey so far. What has resulted is the end of a formerly close relationship with said family member, and a lot of grieving. I poured some of this into the largest painting I have ever done. It isn’t finished yet, but here it is.

It felt good to do it. I haven’t done much painting since October 2014, which, as I think about it, was when the whole scenario began. Wow. Amazing how deeply impacted you are by the presence of toxic people.

I hope that once the dust settles a bit more, I will be better able to begin again on my goals in posting at least once a month with a project. And I should clarify that I haven’t been totally creatively dormant. I took up embroidery over the winter and in accordance with my wpid-20150404_002328_lls.jpgsomewhat caustic humor, I made some fun projects. I also started playing with clay a bit and made these three likenesses of my cats, (L to R) Henry, Gilly, and EZJ (Eliza Jane). Lots of fun. Imperfect, but who cares? Not me. I have not played much with clay. I took a pottery class around 10 years ago. Made some cool bowls, which my cats eat and drink from, but I am not a wizard by any means. Anyway, I really hope I can get back to it very soon. So do my furry ones. I think they think I am irritating, always taking pictures and stuff… but they are just so cute. ❤


PS – I should add also that I have begun a rather enormous undertaking… I am compiling my written works, drawings, etc. into a sort of zine… kind of akin to wringing out a sponge. More on this later.

Cosmic Buddha

Painting the background and adding personal touches!


Best little Fluffins in the world wanted to help… Thanks Gilly!


Post hand printing                                                 CAM01317

Black and white india ink


CHEESE CLOTH! Who knew it would be so cool? Not me! I am now obsessed! CAM01319 CAM01320

Added some paper elements… some chinese tissue paper that I have been hoarding forever… easily 10 years!!                                                   CAM01321 CAM01322

I ended up removing the middle piece of cloth because I was having trouble with his nose. I look forward to further cheesecloth experimentation!!CAM01323

I wasn’t really happy with his solid face, so I decided to have fun with it.CAM01324



Post glazing… I might change some small elements, but not many. He is the largest painting I have ever done, and took me around 8 hours total. He is probably my favorite painting that I have done!!



This painting is a mimic of one I found on the internets by Lisa M. Nelson… I fell in love with it immediately. I decided that Henry, because of his love of flora and vegetation, should replace the black kitty in her painting. I like my poppies better too, but I would still totally buy hers because it’s rad.

Incidentally, this was the first time I have ever used sand as a texture! Difficult, but delightful! It adds this whole awesome dimension to the colors!


Alternate Dimensions

The girls (EZJ & Gilly) are having their hourly baths, and Henry is off in his portal to other dimensions. If I should happen to find him and startle him awake, he acts like I have just ripped him out of paradise. Maybe I have, although most days, he seems to see paradise as the inside of whatever shirt I’m wearing–he has done this since he was a kitten. He’s a cave dweller, Gilly is a tree lover, and EZJ is a nester.

I would love to know where Henry goes in his dreams. Beau and I speculate about this a lot. I should try to draw or paint some of my ideas about his wanderings. I wish I spoke cat.


Pictured: Captain Henry Bartholomew

I Enjoy Painting…

I enjoy painting on a regular basis, but until a few months ago, I didn’t really know I could enjoy it as much as I do right now. My office is a mess–cluttered with canvases both clean and covered, and paint tubes, and brushes, and cat hair. The latter is a really important part of my life because every little strand belongs to one of my three furry babies, one of whom is sitting here next to me wondering, as she cocks her head to the side, what in the hell I’m doing that doesn’t involve her snuggles…

Well, EZJ (shortened version of Eliza Jane in this house), I am typing! About you! (Don’t tell her I’m not actually typing about her, or she will feel very hurt… she is terribly sensitive, and is actually trying to get me to go to bed… dammit! She wins. I am typing about her!)

SO, PAINTING!! I really like it. I am okay at it, but I look forward to getting better at it as I play. I hope to post my “artwork” here as I progress and learn new techniques. I hope my imagination returns to me with vivid clarity and that it translates well through my paintbrushes!

I will post photos of my work… perceived good and bad… I am not looking for encouragement or critiques here, I just want a place to put it — unabashedly, honestly, stupidly, bravely just — OUT THERE!!

One more thing… I plan to post work without commenting on it. I don’t want to share my feelings, or express what I was trying to convey, or blah blah blah blah blah. Blah. I will also be posting drawings and other crap I do. The same rules apply. I am of the belief that art is individual; meaning, what you get out of it may not be what I got out of doing it, and that’s fucking fine with me!

Additionally, from time to time, I will post something that inspires me… something I did not create. I will credit the creator if possible, and I will always assert that I did not create it…